Carrying His marks

The deep scars I am wearing inside my heart are the marks that created a deep well of love in my heart! In my brokenness I was touched by heaven and filled with unspeakable love and healing. The deep intimacy that developed inside my heart with the Lord, developed His manifestation of His life within me. I am simply undone by the deep fountain of love and passion Jesus has for humanity. His love covers up all sin and does not condemn but reaches out to every heart and soul. Jesus says in His word that love is the greatest and that through His love we will be nourished. I am a living testimony of experiencing this intimate life union of love of the Father, Son and the Spirit of holiness. There is this one command that is the strongest “Love the Lord your God with all your soul, mind and strength and the other one is “Love one another deeply”. Those are the keys into the mysteries of heaven. With this love we are able to see deep into the hidden things of heaven and love the sinner but hate the sin.

Our lives should be the mirror of the character of Jesus. His glory is revealed through the surrender of our own lives. This is my heart cry!

I have learned to war in the spirit and find my hiding place in the Lord! He has taught me to fight on my knees in deep prayer! There He met me and strengthened my soul!

This page is to share my passion for Jesus! I am deep in love with Him and cannot express in words how deep the things of the Lord are! Once we enter into His fountain of life and have experienced the deep drink of His presence, we will come to the place of realization that there is nothing that will ever satisfy us but drinking from Him. The depth that I have experienced in my own relationship with the Lord has transformed me into a woman that longs for more and cannot get enough of His presence. It brought me to a place where deep calls out to deep and my desire is to be completely one with the Holy Spirit. My heart searches for the deep knowledge, wisdom, understanding and secrets of God. His Spirit is my very breath and once we discover that we are not Merely human but a spirit being that is meant to live in the spirit, we cannot get enough of His presence because He becomes the center of our existence. Once we wake up from our deep slumber and realize that we are indeed created to be in the heavenly places right now, and don’t have to die first, we will wake up to our true identity. There is such a thing as living in the spirit realm and it should become our normal realm! Since I have been going deeper and deeper I realize more and more how blinded we are in this realm that we live in and how much we miss by living in the realm of knowledge of the Spirit! My eyes have been enlightened with a glimpse of revelation of the spirit realm and I long for more and more!

Spirit wind is the Spirit of the Lord, the holy Spirit who is whispering His words to those who have ears to hear, and an open heart and passion to go deeper into the hidden things of the Spirit. I am the writer but He is the author!
It is time to wake up and become the mature lovers of God. Embrace wisdom and become One with the One that is calling you! We are in a time of the greatest awakening and I hope we all will embrace His call!